Elbond Fast Adhesive is very high viscosity surface insensitive cyanoacrylate adhesive, bonds variety of materials in seconds with excellent precision. It has a very strong, durable and perfect bonding. It is recommended to use with activator spray for fast curing, activator spray shortens curing time. Professionals and home users can bond almost everything.

Packaging                           Carton Quantity

200 ml / 50 gr                      50 Pcs

400 ml / 100 gr                    25 Pcs

One component, low-modulus polyurethane sealant that cures on exposure to atmospheric humidity. It possesses excellent adhesion to all typical construction materials such as cement based materials, brick, ceramic, glass, wood, galvanized and painted sheet iron and various plastics.

Construction – Expansion joints between many different construction materials. Movement and connection joints in floors. Indoor and outdoor applications for pedestrian and traffic areas. Joints between prefabricated construction materials. Sealing and bonding of ventilation ducts, gutters and spouts etc. For expansion joints between pre-cast concrete panels. Meets the requirements of ISO 11600 F 25 LM.

Automotive – Body construction of cars, containers, caravans etc. Sealing and bonding of ventilation ducts, gutters and spouts etc. Sealing of sheet metal seams. For vibration reduction in all type of sheet metal assembly works. Sealing against water, air, gas and dust. Conforms to the requirements of VOC content specifications in LEED credit EQc4.1 “Low-emitting products” of SCAQMD rule 1168. Meets the French VOC requirements for class A+

Packaging                                            Carton Quantity

310 ml                                                     12 Pcs

600 ml                                                    12 Pcs


One-component, moisture-curing and self-expanding aerosol polyurethane foam. It is designed for easy dispensing through the straw adapter or applicator gun included with each can. It does not contain any propellant gases that are harmful to the ozone layer. Excellent adhesion & filling capacity and high thermal & acoustical insulation value. Excellent mounting capacity and stability, adheres to almost all building materials with the exception of surfaces such as polyethylene, teflon, silicone and surfaces contaminated with oils and greases. Mold release agents and similar materials. Mould-proof, water-proof, over paintable. Cured foam dries rigid and can be trimmed, shaped and sanded.

  • Fixing and insulating of door and window frames.
  • Filling and sealing gaps, joints and cavities.
  • Filling of penetrations in walls.
  • Insulating electrical outlets and water pipes.


One component aerosol polyurethane adhesive foam curing swiftly with moisture. Providing very fast and powerful adhesion for various construction materials, especially highly recommended for heat insulation systems. Powerful adhesion of polystyrene heat panels (XPS and EPS). Instant adhesion and wall plugging within two hours. More economical. Ready to use in aerosol can. Up to 14 m2 heat insulation panel adhesion for each can. Minimum expansion during drying period. After dried, no further expansion and shrinkage. A lighter material compared to plaster, alternative material, used in heat insulation systems. No more extra burden or weight to building. High yield up to 55 liters, depending on the humidity and temperature. Fire Class: E  (According to EN 13501-1. It refers to B2 for DIN 4102). Usable at low temperature like 0 °C . It does not contain any propellant gases which are harmful to the ozone layer.

  • Best for mounting heat insulation panels and filling voids during adhesive application.
  • Advised for wooden type construction materials adhesion to concrete, metal etc.
  • Applications needed minimum expansion.
  • Mounting and isolation for frames of windows and doors.

Packaging                           Carton Quantity

750 ml                                       12 Pcs

500 ml                                       12 Pcs

300 ml                                       12 Pcs


Acid-curing, one-component silicone sealant for a range of general sealing and glazing applications. It’s suitable for use on common non-porous building materials. Stays permanently elastic after curing. Acetoxy curing system. Very good adhesion on common building materials and non-porous surfaces. Resistance to aging, cracking and discoloring. Resistant to many chemicals, cleaning agents and detergents. Can be applied in any season. Typical acetic smell during curing.

  • General sealing and glazing applications
  • Sealing around windows and doors
  • Sealing in DIY applications
  • Sanitary applications
  • Connection and expansion joints
  • Sealing electric, telephone etc. sockets and switches


Non-toxic, solvent-free silicone sealant for use in aquarium construction and glazing applications. It’s a high-quality acetic curing system based silicone sealant featuring excellent adhesion to glass and many other non-porous surfaces. %100 silicone, very good bond and physical strength. Rapid curing. Non-toxic to fish. One component, cures with atmospheric moisture. Keep its elasticity at low and high temperatures. Does not crack, discolour or shrink. Resistant to many chemicals and  to UV radiation

  • Bonding, sealing and repairing of aquariums
  • Construction of glass structures, silos and containers
  • General glazing and glass works
  • Glazing on aluminum frames and shop displays
  • Sealing of windows
  • Universal building and construction joints
  • Sealing of ventilation, heating and air-conditioning systems


One-component universal acrylic sealant suitable for filling cracks and joints both indoors and outdoors. It’s a cost-effective plastic-elastic sealant ideal for particularly static joints.  Over paintable. Can be used on all porous surfaces such as brick, concrete, wood etc. Very easy to apply and clean.  Water-proof after curing. Resistant to weathering such as rain, snow and sunlight. Does not contain any solvents. No odour.

  • Sealing of low and medium movement joints between various construction materials (wood, concrete, brick etc.)
  • Filling cracks in walls and on ceilings.
  • Sealing joints between windows, walls, doors etc.

Packaging                           Carton Quantity

  310 ml                                       24 Pcs

  280 ml                                       24 Pcs

  240 ml                                       24 Pcs

One component polyurethane based adhesive with excellent adhesion on wood, metal, concrete and stone substrates. Bonds almost each type of wood to each other, to metals, to some plastics, to stone, bricks and concrete. Bonds and repairs wooden construction materials. Furniture production and mending. Resistant to water, moisture and weather conditions. Meets D4 criteria (according to DIN EN 204 standard). Gap filling property with limited expansion. Suitable for indoor and outdoor application.

Packaging                           Carton Quantity

500 gr                                     24 Pcs

Besides our own corporal brand we manufacture for private label projects as well. This service includes advice for design and designing labels…

Our product dependability in different markets proves our high quality…


Elbond Professional is a register brand of one of the biggest manufacturer who produce high quality chemicals for professionals and home users.

All Elbond products are being manufactured with high quality raw materials in the facilities certified with the ISO Quality Management System and being preferred by thousands in building and construction activities.

Beside our own brand we produce for well-known brands (private label) as well and these brands are being distributed in more than 20 countries.

Our product dependability in different markets proves our high quality and more than 15 years of experience guarantees the highest quality…


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